"REVISOL" special oil for razors, bottle with 20 ml.
The best for your straight razor.

Price: 7,95€ incl. VAT.
Revisor's new Revisol Razor Oil is designed to keep Cut Throat Razors and Safety Razors in the best condition possible when not in use.

Ideal for the storage of razors and for collectors and those looking to restore a vintage razor.

The oil is made up from a Hydrocarbon based Anti-Corrosive, which acts as a moisture absorbent and repellent,
it also contains a liquid Hydrocarbon mixture, which acts as a solvent.
What this means, is it leaves a thin, transparent and slightly oily layer over your razor, which prevents moisture settling on the razor.

The oil can be applied lightly using a cloth or a cotton bud and can be used on ferrous and non-ferrous bare metals.
It effectively protects the metal against corrosion, therefore keeping your razor in excellent condition.







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