Function note

Your new razor

● Before you unpack your razor, please be advised that its edge is very delicate and prone to damage if used improperly. Avoid any touching the blade with your fingers or other materials. Use it for shaving only. Direct contact with your skin should only be established during shaving.
● Each Revisor razor is carefully inspected before it leaves our master craftsman workbench. It will arrive covered in protective oil to avoid corrosion during transport. Carefully wipe the oil off the blade, but avoid touching the edge of the blade.
● Your razor will arrive ready for shaving. Our skilled craftsmen hone the razors on the highest quality European hones, and strop them, to ensure that you will enjoy your first and subsequent shaves.


Razor Maintenance and Care

● After each shave, carefully dry your razor, and store it in a dry environment. Revisor razors are made from high carbon steel and will rust if you store them with water still on the blade.
● Strop your razor before each use  to maintain your razor’s shaving capabilities.
● If you intend to store your razor, cover it in a high quality oil, such as "Revisol".





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