Solingen Regulation

Regulation for the Protection of the Solingen Name
(Solingen Regulation)

On the basis of § 137 of the law on trademarks of 25 October 1994 (German law gazette I 1994, p. 3082) the Federal Ministry of Justice decrees in agreement with the Federal Ministry of Economics, of Food, Agriculture and Forestry and of Health:

§ 1 Principle

The name Solingen may only be used in business for such cutting equipment which

1.was processed and finished in all major stages of manufacturing in the Solingen industrial area and able to achieve its characteristic intended use according to raw material and processing

§ 2 Region of Provenance

The Solingen industrial area includes the area of the urban commune Solingen and the area of the town Haan which is in the district of Mettmann.

§ 3 Definition of Cutting Equipment

Cutting equipment according to § 1 are in particular:

1.Scissors, knives and blades of all types,
2.Cutlery of all types and parts of such,
3.Small equipment for table use such as cake slicers, cake-tongs, sugar-tongs,
grape scissors and serving cutlery,
4.Table utensils such as cigar cutters, letter openers, nutcrackers and cork screws as well as cutting kitchen tools such as tin openers and knife-grinders,
5.Open razor, razor-blades, razors,
6.Hair clippers and shaving machines,
7.Manicure and pedicure equipment such as nail-files, cuticle and nail forceps, nail clippers and tweezers,
8.Cutting and thrusting weapons of all kinds.

§ 4 Effective from

This regulation will come into effect on 1 January 1995.

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