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Brian: Revisor 6/8

Dear Revisor team,

My beautiful Revisor blade arrived a couple of days ago and I used it last night. All I have read and been told about razors not being shave ready when they arrive, was proved TOTALLY wrong! A single pass gave a great shave.

I am a total convert to Solingen steel and will be looking to add to my collection in the future.

Mild disappointment in the scales which feel a bit flimsy. An option of horn or bone would be great to see.

Great products, fantastic service, keep the fantastic work - a very, very happy Canadian customer.

Kind regards.



Paul Garrow: Wonderful

I ordered two razors. One is a 6/8 Revisor and the other is a 3/8 Erich ERN. Both arrived in perfect condition and very quickly from purchase. The packaging and delivery service provided is outstanding.
The Erich ERN was as expected - A nice little razor.
The 6/8 Revisor is in a world of its own. The size and weight is exceptional. I did not expect it to be the size and weight - The Revisor is perfect.
I am looking forward to using one of the blades this evening. I believe I might use the Erich ERN first.
With regards to the communication and service, Sabine was outstanding. Great customer service, very prompt communication and excellent customer service. I believe I will be making further purchases in 2015. Please pass on my well wishes to the team.

Ingmar: Many thanks

Dear Revisor team,

I want to express my gratitude for the exeptional friendly and knowledgable service you offer. The ordered schulze straight razor arrived quick and in truly shaveready condition, and the strope has an awesome quality. My next sr will surely be a revisor again.

my best wishes for 2015


Rudy: 6/8 Revisor

Dear Revisor Team,

thanks for your 6/8 arrived in perfect conditions and really shave ready.
I'm sure I will have a lot of satisfaction to use this wonderful tool!

Kind Regards 


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